SINO International Trade


China and the European Union are two of the biggest traders in the world. Following the United States, China is the EU’s second biggest trading partner. Trading a variety of items which range from clothing and furniture to toys, motor vehicles, aircraft and chemicals, these two countries trade an impressive €1 billion a day.

Have you ever considered trading with China but are unsure of how to go about it? 

SINO can help!

Trading with China will allow you to tap into new suppliers thus rendering your business more competitive.With years of trading experience and a strong network of contacts in China, SINO can identify the right supplier and product for you.  SINO Trading offers a complete solution to help you source and ship your goods to and from China. You can learn more about our logistic services on our SINO Logistics page.

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What can SINO offer you?
  • A list of accredited suppliers
  • Arrangements that samples are sent to you in advance for confirmation prior to the final order being placed
  • A background check on your potential supplier for added peace of mind.
  • The provision of in-process inspection whereby the right checks are carried out during manufacturing to ensure that final product is faithful to sample provided by yourself.
  • Inland transportation of goods to central warehouses
  • The option to keep goods in safe storage within a warehouse until you give  further instructions for delivery
  • The option to store various goods in a warehouse to consolidate with other goods at a later stage
  • Pre-shipment/Container loading inspection
  • Shipping services

So if you are considering to enter the Chinese market or to ship from this destination, contact us on