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Malta – The Mediterranean’s best-kept secret

Strategically positioned at the southern tip of Europe, embraced by the waves of the Mediterranean,  the Maltese islands are a beautiful archipelago, consisting of three islands with Malta being the largest.  Malta is blessed with a myriad of qualities that will satisfy any traveler;   a seven-thousand year old history including the world’s oldest standing temples, friendly locals, spectacular Mediterranean scenery, romantic beaches, great countryside walks, mouth-watering delicacies, and a bustling nightlife.

Rich history

With a history spanning 7000 years, Malta tells the tale of various civilisations which have left their mark on the islands. You can learn all about the country’s lovely story by visiting the various churches, temples and historical buildings which adorn every corner of the islands.

A laid-back way of life and a friendly population

In Malta, the pace is relaxed, the mood is serene, and the locals are always so enthusiastic to offer their help on anything you may need. Are you dying for some down time? Malta will allow you to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of your every-day life. Whilst the mornings are upbeat, the afternoons tend to slow down as the locals take their daily siesta only to recharge to continue enjoying all that life has to offer in the evening.

Delicacies to tantilise your taste buds

Having been influenced by so many cultures, the Maltese cuisine encapsulates the country’s history.  Based on a Mediterranean diet, Malta’s restaurants are ever so versatile offering anything from fish, meat, pasta or all that you may fancy at the time.

An activity to satisfy any traveler

In Malta there is something to do for everyone. Active individuals can enjoy water sports, honeymooners can enjoy a stroll on a moonlight beach, whilst those looking to dance the night away can do so at the many nightclubs in various parts of the island.

So you’ve taken the decision to visit Malta, but are unsure what to do next?

SINO Travel can prepare tailored packages to suit any travelling desires.  Our packages which range from three-day tours, history and cultural visits, relaxing weekends, artisan and local craft activities, we can offer packages for groups of any size. Get in touch withus let us know what you are after and we will make the necessary arrangements to make your visit to Malta, your trip of a lifetime.