SINO Translations

China has evolved into the World’s second largest economy bringing with it an incredible wave of opportunities for collaboration within this massive market.  Whether you’re looking at collaborating with a Chinese company to tap into the Chinese market with your products or services, or perhaps you are planning to offer your services to Chinese companies moving into your home market.  No matter what, one thing is for certain:  your company needs to be prepared.

The cultural gap can be narrowed by making sure that your company’s website, services’ introduction, business cards, and any information the potential Chinese client could have access to, needs to be in Mandarin (China’s national language).

A poorly translated document may send the wrong message, which could throw a bad light on your company’s image.


Your company’s reputation deserves better. We will ensure that your translation truly reflects the original meaning that you want to convey. For those companies looking to seriously do business with China, we recommend translating the following:

• Company Website
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Legal Documents
• Contracts
• …and more

We will be able to match a professional translator to your required sector, whether its legal, engineering, business, industrial, etc.


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