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Study in Malta

Malta’s top notch education system offers a myriad of opportunities for you to learn something new or further your knowledge in any particular subject, at any academic level.

Malta’s education system is based on the British learning model, with practically all courses offered in English. You may decide to take an introductory course in English, further your academic studies at post-graduate level in one of a range of subjects, or you may want to strengthen your soft skills in areas such as diving, dance or drama. No matter the subject, Malta has the course for you or your child.

English Courses

Malta offers a great choice of English Courses which apply a hands-on approach to learning. Malta’s English speaking population also allows you to practice what you learnt away from the classroom.

No matter if you are a beginner or are advanced in English, can write but not speak so fluently or vice versa, Malta surely has a course to suit your needs.


Businesses operating in Malta strongly believe in the importance of developing individuals beyond their academic qualifications. You may have acquired a qualification but may want to practice what you’ve learnt in the real business world - Malta offers great opportunities for this.

Malta’s thriving economy, which includes a number of locally and internationally owned private organisations can provide you with an internship opportunity which will help put what you’ve learnt at school to great use.


As the British saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  and as you visit Malta you will discover that the Maltese and those living here are anything but dull. With cafeterias, restaurants or nightclubs in practically every corner of the island, you may meet up with friends, savour Malta’s great cuisine or dance the night away after a day in the classroom.

If nightlife is not your thing and you prefer the great outdoors, in Malta you can practice a number of sports which include water sports, trekking or rock climbing.

Safety and Connectivity

With a low crime rate and population known for its hospitality, you may rest assured that yourself or your child will be safe in Malta.

The island is also connected to practically every European capital city making travelling to here or towards other central cities very convenient and easy.

Comfortable accommodation and an affordable way of life

Malta provides a number of affordable accommodation options which range from modern apartments to cosy, traditional houses of character. Regardless of your spending power, the island also offers a variety of retail stores and supermarkets where from you can purchase your daily needs.

Beautiful Weather and Picturesque places to visit

With the sun shining on practically every day of the year, while in Malta, it’s hard to wake up and not feel enthusiastic about your day ahead. There are luscious beaches and quaint towns you may visit while taking a study-break or you may even decide to take your laptop or book with you and revise your notes whilst sitting in the midst of a beautiful piazza.