SINO Logistics


In a fast-paced world as is ours, particularly as e-commerce increasingly takes a pivotal role in our lives, customers and businesses demand that their goods are delivered to their very doorstep safely, within a timely manner. No matter the nature of the goods you wish to transport, SINO can provide tailor-made solutions to suit your budgets and delivery deadlines.

Your Warehousing hub in China

If you are ordering your goods from China and wish to have the assurance that your goods will be delivered to a warehouse you trust, SINO offers you a warehouse address in China where your goods can be received, consolidated and dispatched to destination.

Air Freight – When speed matters

SINO Logistics provides timely delivery of goods to any destination on the globe through its network of acclaimed agents.

SINO Logistics enjoys an excellent reputation through the support of major airline carriers operating between Asia and Europe.  As a worldwide airfreight cargo facilitator, we offer regular flight connections between any destinations in the world. We can handle any type of cargo be it General, Perishable, Oversized or Dangerous goods.

Sea Freight – Flexible and Cost-effective

Through it partners, SINO and its affiliates can offer both full container and groupage services as well as the delivery of overly large cargo, to and from any destination or origin in the world. We will ensure a smooth delivery of your cargo at very competitive rates within your specific delivery deadlines.

Road Freight – Fast European Connections

Are you ordering from a European country and would like to ensure that your goods are picked-up in time?  SINO will make sure that your goods are collected, delivered to our partners’ warehouses in Europe and then transported with our weekly groupage trailer.

This process guarantees the delivery of your goods in a cost-effective and timely manner without having you going through the trouble of making your own arrangements to transport your goods.

Whether it’s a pallet load or a full trailer, we can accommodate your requirements and meet your budget.

Customs Clearance

Understanding that for our client’s business time is valuable, at SINO we strive to allow our clients do what they do best, run their businesses. Meanwhile, we can release our clients from the often burdensome and highly time-consuming procedure of customs clearance.

While maintaining the highest level of integrity with all customs and government agencies, we can handle all necessary documents required for import/export transactions in both China and the EU.

Express Courier Service

Nowadays businesses require that their documents are delivered on time and online sellers compete with retail outlets to provide customers their ordered items as soon as possible. In such instances, a timely courier delivery service is imperative to ensure that parcels arrive to a desired destination on time. We are committed to providing this whilst ensuring an excellent customer service.

Documentation Support

SINO has the right knowledge and experience to provide you with the necessary assistance to fufill your documentation needs. Whether it’s an Intrastat (NSO) entry, a Certificate of Origin or a complex Customs Clearance entry; SINO is ready to assist you.

Your shipping office

A growing company can often experience operational distractions, particularly if its main tasks have to be interrupted to suddenly concentrate on the various elements required to ship out their products. By understanding your supply chain, SINO can offer flexible, tailor-made solutions to relieve your organisation from the complex logistical daily nightmares.

SINO integrates its services by becoming your shipping department. Working in close cooperation with customers and suppliers’, SINO will develop customised services to manage the transportation of your goods.