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The right financial advice to help you set-up and operate in Malta

Setting up base in the European Union

Many foreign companies have come to realise how beneficial it is to set up shop in Malta.  There are numerous reasons why this is so; Malta is a safe, politically stable, English-speaking and economically viable base to operate from. The country is the smallest member of the EU, uses the Euro as its currency and is easily accessible via many EU major airports.

The fact that it lies in an excellent geostrategic position, at the heart of the Mediterranean between the EU and North Africa, also makes it an excellent hub for international operations.

Key advantages of setting up in Malta?

After Malta became a full member to the European Union, attractive taxation incentives were introduced to incentivise international companies and high net-worth individuals to set up in Malta. Non-resident shareholders of a Malta company are entitled to a refund on dividends received bringing the corporate tax rate down to 5%.   

By setting up shop in Malta, you are also opening a window of investment opportunities as you are will be able to offer your services to a European market by participating in EU tenders.

SINO Financial and Advisory Services

Markets are in a constant state of flux, therefore a company that is able to adapt quickly, is one that rises above the competition.  Whilst you focus on your true business priorities, SINO Financial and Advisory Services, ensures that your set-up is in line with regulation and functioning at its best so as to perform competitively within the market place.
SINO Financial and Advisory services arm compromises a versatile team of professionals, each specialised within their respective field.


 SINO’s Financial and Advisory services include the following:

Back office services

From HR to payroll management, the SINO Advisory team can handle your company’s often time-consuming tasks at a very competitive fee. So why not release expensive resources and let SINO handle this for you?

Tax planning

Taxation management is a necessary task that each company should carry out. Malta is considered to be a tax haven, because whilst operating here your company may benefit from a number of taxation refund and relief systems.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Our team of professionals will offer the right guidance to help move your company in the right direction. Our advice is not solely dependent on previous experiences but on strong technical knowledge as well as research which we carry out to understand the elements that affect the market you operate in.


We can carry out market research to help set the right foundations prior to your launch of a service/ product within a new market. We can also help you perform due diligence exercises to ensure peace of mind before you carry out an investment.


It is a legal requirement for companies registered in Malta to keep proper accounting records. Besides this, it makes business sense to maintain proper accounting records as this enables you to monitor the health of your company’s activity.

You may not require a full-time accountant and therefore when operating in Malta, you may choose to outsource this task to SINO. Our team is fully conversant with local requirements and will take the time to understand your company set-up as to provide the best account reporting in line with your needs.

Legal Services

If you are experiencing difficulty with a business partner in China or the EU and cannot seem to find an amicable solution, SINO may step in to offer you the best legal advice. You may need to take matters to court and you will therefore need the best representation possible as well as the right advice from a team who is accustomed to the local scenario.

So if you are looking to embark on a new business investment or would like to ensure the health of your present set-up, contact SINO on or by using the form below.