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Sino European Commercial Centre is the first platform in Malta that focuses on business opportunities between Asia, the EU and the MENA region using Malta’s excellent location as a hub in the Mediterranean.
Welcome to the SINO European Commercial Centre (SINO)

The SINO European Commercial Centre is the first platform in Malta to focus on business opportunities between Asia, the EU and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Using Malta’s strategic location, SINO positions itself as a strategic partner , guiding businesses through the web of requirements needed to do business in a foreign jurisdiction.

SINO is part of a group of companies established in 1921, that enjoy an excellent reputation built on a century of successful business.

Combining the expertise of professionals in Financial services, Logistics, Legal, International Trade, Warehousing, and Security, with a strong network of contacts in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, SINO is able to bring forth a unique platform of business services connecting the EU, with Asia and the MENA region. Setting up this platform in Malta was the ideal choice due to the country’s strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which provides access to the EU and MENA markets。

We pride ourselves in offering a customised service to our clients by firstly listening to their needs and aspirations and then working accordingly to identify the right channels to make their business venture a successful experience. We invite you to go through our website to accustom yourself with our services. Alternatively you may have a business idea which you are struggling to get off the ground– send us an email, we will gladly look into this for you and offer the best possible advice.  We look forward to being of service to you.

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Relying on a hundred years of good reputation and Europe mature business network, your product or service combined with our unique strategy development management team, to join hands to open the European and North African markets. Not only to establishment of the company and financial management as individual services, you can also become part of our group , through our platform for common development.

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A Culture Of Creativity & Open Spaces For Open Ideas

Based accelerate the process of global integration, our company keep up the pace with times, to use overseas representative offices take advantage and pre-judgmentdifferent in different countries and regions. All the overseas offices are reliable business partners of Sino , enjoy a good reputation in the local, implement the spirit of the Sino to different corners of the world.

Malta Office

P. Felicjan Bilocca Street, Canter Business Centre

Based at the heart of Malta and only ten minutes from the Malta International Airport, the SINO office lies within the headquarters of Attard & Co Group which was established back in 1921.

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Shanghai Office
1018 Ping Xing Guan Lu, Zhabei Qu, Shanghai , China

Mogo consultant was our strategic partner ,base in Shanghai . Mogo has great experience in Financial investment and Immigration service.

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Hong Kong Office

Wanzai, Yinghuang center , HongKong

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New York Office

Trump Tower,

721 5th Ave. Suite 35D, New York, USA

NY 10022

Asia Art Funds was one of the best Art Foundation in New York.  In collaboration with Columbia University to provide the best art investment and projects investment consultant services. Also training young artists in the world.

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