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We Are SINO EU Commercial Centre

Welcome to the SINO European Commercial Centre (SINO)
The SINO European Commercial Centre is the first platform in Malta to focus on business opportunities between Asia, the EU and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
Using Malta’s strategic location, SINO positions itself as a strategic partner , guiding businesses through the web of requirements needed to do business in a foreign jurisdiction.

SINO is part of a group of companies established in 1921, that enjoy an excellent reputation built on a century of successful business.
Combining the expertise of professionals in Financial services, Logistics, Legal, International Trade, Warehousing, and Security, with a strong network of contacts in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, SINO is able to bring forth a unique platform of business services connecting the EU, with Asia and the MENA region. Setting up this platform in Malta was the ideal choice due to the country’s strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which provides access to the EU and MENA markets。


We are


SINO International Trade

Carry out due diligence on your supplier before you start trading.

Services in Asia

Your partner when investing in Asia

SINO Tourism

Visit Malta for the trip of a lifetime

SINO Project Investments Advisory

Let SINO help you tap into Chinese or European markets

SINO Education Services

Malta is the right place to study and enjoy all that life has to offer

SINO Translations

Get yourself ready for the Chinese market. Translate your Company marketing material translated to Mandarin.

SINO Advisory/Financial

The right financial advice to help you set-up and operate in Malta

SINO Logistics

We provide delivery options to suit your budgets and delivery deadlines

SINO Residence

Gain Maltese residency and enjoy many benefits enjoyed by EU citizens

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